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Andrew Medland

Barnstaple, North Devon | 07575 555 645 |

Working in commercial web development, it is important that my code is effective, robust, maintainable and readable. Our current project is built on modern software architecture principles to provide the speed and reliability needed for the modern web, including; DDD (Domain Driven Design) to provide loose coupling and high cohesion, CQRS for maintainability and scalability, ASP.NET with MVC5, MSSQL Server DB and DI (Dependency Injection) using Simple Injector ( to aid decoupling. Add to this the latest in front end tech (Razor, Bootstrap, Telerik) and of course the power of Javascript and the JQuery framework and you have yourself a modern, clean, maintainable and powerful platform that is compatible with multiple devices. We use Mercurial for source control and Jira (Atlassian) for our Agile Scrum project management.

Andrew is a valuable member of the development team at Ticketing Ventures Ltd. He has the drive, enthusiasm and enjoyment in programming that is reflected in his day to day work which is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as he will provide valuable input to all projects he is assigned to.

John Clarke, Lead Developer, Ticketing Ventures Ltd.

Key Skills

(0 = no skill, 5 = very comfortable)

Front End Development

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (5)
Razor, AJAX, JQuery (4)
Bootstrap, Telerik (3)

Back End Development

C#, MVC (5)
MS SQL (including stored procedures), Simple Injector (4)

Other Pertinent Skills

Source Control, Architectures, Project Management and Methodologies

MVC5, CQRS, ASP.NET, Atlassian Jira, Mercurial, Tortoise Hg, MS TFS (4)
Agile Scrum, Sprints, BitBucket, Stand ups (4)

Relevant Experience

Software Developer

Ticketing Ventures Ltd

September 2015 - Present

Gaining valuable experience and bringing my skills and work ethic to this Software as a Service start-up, created by Ticket Zone. The learning curve has been steep, which is how I like it.

IT Technician

AST Language Services

June 2014 - July 2015

General IT support, database administration (Access and SQL), network admin (MS server 2008 and SBS), virtual machines and exchange.


University of Nottingham

I was accepted into, and studied with the UoN. I completed the ‘Foundation Engineering’ level 3 course and progressed to the Computer Science degree. During the summer after my first year, I was compelled to return to North Devon for personal reasons, where I acquired work on interview at Ticketing Ventures. It is at Ticketing Ventures (T/A TicketVoodoo) where I am continuing to learn programming skills.

Martial Arts Instructor

December 2008 - August 2013

First with my own business and later with a larger martial arts centre. This period of professional instruction was part of a longer amateur martial arts career.